High Tech 3D Cone Beam Brings State of the Art Diagnosis to Smile Solutions by Dr. Spinner

Like all fields in Medicine and Dentistry, the speed and level of technology, have advanced at a feverish pace. Cone Beam 3D volumetric scanner technology is making it now possible to see, diagnose and treat at a higher level than ever before.

The most impressive advantages of these clear and accurate images are they are taken in a natural, comfortable posture in just 14 seconds. The highly refined Cone Beam instrument does this all with one third less radiation than a series of small dental radiographs.

So why use a Cone beam instrument when we have regular 2D radiographs already?
If a problem can not be seen, it can't be diagnosed and if it can't be diagnosed it can't be properly treated. In simple terms, it is just better.

Cone Beam imaging offers superior 3D diagnosis not visible with 2D radiographs. The true to size and exact spatial relationships in Cone Beam images makes it invaluable in treatment of TMJ, surgical procedures, dental implants, obstructive sleep apnea, cervical neck treatments, bite correction, nasal, throat and sinus treatments. Dental implants can be placed with incredible accuracy and safety. The Cone Beam instrument gives us the ability to create a computer generated surgical guide to maximize the safety, esthetics function of dental implants. Dr. Spinner will not place a dental implant unless he can use this superior technology.



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