Porcelain Fillings

Fillings are the first step in treating a tooth suffering decay. If the tooth has experienced some decomposition, but remains structurally sound overall, fillings can be used to stop decay and allow teeth to continue to function naturally.

Why Porcelain Fillings? In the past, metal fillings were the standard, but these fillings have a number of drawbacks:

  • Visually, they don't resemble our teeth, signaling the world that you have fillings every time you talk or smile
  • They're not bonded to the tooth and can become loose in time.
  • They can damage the filled tooth and nearby teeth by being harder than tooth enamel.
  • Metal expands and contracts at a different rate than tooth enamel, leading to pain associated with hot or cold foods. Differential contraction can also further damage the filled tooth. This damage usually shows up as cracks and fractures in the tooth.
  • Mercury used in metal fillings may pose some risks.

In contrast, porcelain fillings match your tooth enamel in color, hardness, even thermal expansion. Porcelain fillings are bonded to your teeth, making them more permanent and secure against infection. Porcelain is one of the best biocompatible dental materials available.

How the Porcelain Filling Process Works
Applying fillings typically are done in one visit.

  • During your initial consultation with Dr. Spinner, you and he can discuss your desired results and Dr. Spinner's opinion on the best solutions for correcting decay.
  • For your first appointment, your teeth will be shaped to accommodate the fillings, removing all decay and foreign material. Dr. Spinner will then create your custom fillings and securely bond them to your teeth. Dr. Spinner verifies the new filling is properly adjusted with your bite and you are done.

If you've experienced tooth decay, you too can have bright, beautiful smile free of unsightly metal fillings. Call or email us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Spinner. Also, check out some of the fabulous results our other Westhampton patients have achieved in our Before and After Gallery.

If you have more questions about Porcelain fillings, please consult our Porcelain Fillings Questions page.

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