Dental Bonding

If your smile suffers because of small defects, dental bonding may be the quick, painless, and relatively inexpensive solution for you.

  • Dental bonding can be used to fix:
  • Cavities in front teeth
  • Small chips
  • Stains or spots
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Slightly crooked, misaligned teeth

Bonding is a good procedure for repairing the aesthetic damage caused by slightly misaligned teeth or other small defects. Large defects may require more drastic measures such as Porcelain Veneers,Porcelain Fillings, or Porcelain Crowns, but for many people dental bonding is the perfect solution.

What is Dental Bonding? Also referred to as tooth bonding is a white resin initially similar in consistency to putty or clay. Dr. Spinner is highly skilled at matching the color and sculpting the resin into the shape of a perfect tooth. It comes in many shades, so Dr. Spinner can select a shade that matches the color of your teeth.

In skilled hands dental bonding can be used instead of instant orthodontics for small gaps by bonding to teeth on both sides of the gap. The color of the resin will match your teeth so there will be no visible line between the resin and the tooth.

Once the resin has been shaped to Dr. Spinner's satisfaction, a special curing light is used to activate the photosensitive resin with a very pretty blue light.

Unlike many cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental bonding does not require your tooth be shaped, so there is rarely any need for anesthetic. It is also unusual in that it can be accomplished in a single office visit, since it doesn't require the making of an impression of your teeth or the sending of those impressions to a lab.

If you have questions about the procedure, please consult our Dental Bonding FAQ.

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