Laser Dentistry

Lasers have long been transforming surgical procedures in all areas of medicine, and dentistry is no exception.  At Smile Solutions, we use the latest Tech 4 Med hard and soft tissue laser because it is the best dental laser available. Now you can have your cavities removed and filled without using the drill. In most cases the laser can preform cavity removal without the need for numbing. Dr. Spinner has a Nd Yag, Erbium Yag as well as a Diode laser. The perfect complement to our work on the hard tooth structure and soft tissue of the mouth. This advanced dual laser can be used in almost every procedure in dentistry: Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Fillings, Porcelain Crowns, Implants, Periodontal treatment, Oral Surgery, Root Canals, Bone grafting and Bone recontouring.

Achieving the perfect cosmetic dentistry results means more than just working with the teeth. If your gums do not conform properly to the curve of your teeth, all the work placing veneers and crowns will not achieve the smile you desire.

Even more importantly, laser dentistry is ideal for periodontics. The benefits include:

  • Precise beam can target very specific pockets of infection
  • Highly effective bactericide, killing 99.9% of germs targeted, instantly
  • Causes less pain than other periodontal treatments
  • Self-cauterizing laser means less bleeding from the gums
  • Removing decay without the "drill" or the drill vibration
  • no need for numbness in small to medium cavities

All of these factors make the laser our tool of choice for treating cavities, implants and gum disease.

The Erbium Laser is fast and painless when removing the small tissue tags from the tongue, lips, and gums.

Another bonus is the Erbium laser does no tissue damage so the healing is fast leaving no scars.

Whether you are looking for an ideal smile or if you are concerned about the state of your gums but are afraid that treatment will be painful, laser dentistry will give you precisely what you need without causing undue pain or bleeding. Contact Dr. Spinner today to set up an initial consultation.



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