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At Smile Solutions, the unique qualities you will find in Dr. Spinner's office start from the moment you walk through the door. You will feel the warm atmosphere and best of all you will know that this is not your typical dental office. Dr. Spinner will listen to you, focus on your concerns and be sure we resolve those dental problems first. Next, we evaluate your mouth's, state of health and if there is any influences that may be causing or indicating a break down in the systems that normally keep your mouth healthy. Excessive ware, chipping, an increase in tooth decay, bleeding gums all are indicators of a more central body function that needs to be addressed. Dr. Spinner looks at the mouth as a reflection of your over all health.

He will investigate the root cause of dental problems to try to correct rather then just treating the result of that immediate problem. In simple terms, Dr. Spinner strives to stop the cycle of the disease instead of just treating the result of the disease. The benefit is you get a healthier and more stable and beautiful result.

Here we look at the whole picture of your mouth, health and well being. We believe in using the latest and best tested technology. This benefits you as well as our team. It gives you a speedier and more comfortable time in the dental chair and it gives us greater precision and reliable results in our treatment.

We offer a variety of specialties that we can assist you with that your average dental office does not have. We are very proactive in regards to customizing your dental treatment plan. The office is equipped with soft tissue lasers, so if you have a periodontal problem we can be taken care of it in a less invasive and quicker way. If you have a "gummy smile" this leading-edge technology can re-contour your gums and correct your uneven tooth sizes. Secondly, we use our digital intraoral cameras to take Before and After photos for you in our photography room; creating a file that shows accurate and detailed images of exactly what dental conditions you bring to us and what Dr Spinner can do to improve your dental health. You can see the images instantly on a chair-side computer monitor. Thirdly, if you come to us with TMD symptoms, Dr. Spinner will use the collected data from the K7 neuromuscular evaluation system to clearly diagnose whether you indeed have TMD. This sophisticated system will do three things:

  • Measure and record your jaw muscle movements
  • Measure and record the electrical activity of the jaw muscles
  • Record the jaw joint sounds when your lower jaw moves
This information will be assembled and inter-related to give Dr. Spinner the data he needs to make an accurate diagnosis and start planning your customized TMD treatment.

Last but not least, the office only uses digital x-rays. Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays give less exposure to radiation. This is safer for you, and it gives instant images on the computer monitor.

New to our office is the New Tom VGi Cone beam scanner. It is hard to find this level of technology in other offices. The Cone beam scanner takes an all digital -3D images that allows us to see and clearly diagnose areas involving the TMJ or jaw joint, teeth, sinus involvement with the teeth or potential implants, as well as allow us to do computer 3D guided implant placement with unsurpassed accuracy. This allows Dr. Spinner to diagnose, plan, surgically place as well as restore to a beautiful ,functional and long lasting result.



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