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March 2013
Dr. Spinner and his Team announce the exclusive use of  the "Implant-One" Advanced Dental Implant System.

August 2013  Dr. Spinner is now fully trained to give pain relieving Trigger point injections. 

  If you have regular problems with headaches and neck pain it may be caused by muscle spasms. Trigger point treatment can provide immediate relief from pain and allow Dr. Spinner to pinpoint the source of your problem. Many times this can break the cycle of pain and give months of relief from chronic head and neck pain. This treatment also provides TMD-TMJ patients instant pain elimination and improved treatment outcomes. 

April 2012
High Tech 3D Cone Beam Brings State of the Art Diagnosis to Smile Solutions by Dr. Spinner.

March 2013 
Dr. Spinner now has  the Tech 4 Med dual laser system in his office. This is the most advanced dental laser system.

The ND Yag and Erbium Yag system have been enhanced to perform multiple dental procedures without the drill and without needing to be numb. You now can have your cavities done with no drill noise or vibration! 

March 2013

Dr. Spinner Presents " Why Implants Lose Bone and How to Prevent It"

 At Southampton Hospital, on March 4, 2013 Dr. Spinner presented an implant seminar addressing the bone loss that commonly occurs around some dental implants. Also covered was how to predict this bone loss before it advances, and how to prevent it in the future. A constructive and informative discussion, followed the presentation. 

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